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Integrated turn-key solution for complex and almost
fully automated fuel consumption measurement
in combination with flowtronic systems

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National and international standards or regulations require more and more complex test methods to be able to measure fuel consumption on vehicles with internal combustion engines under reproducible and the most realistic possible driving conditions.

Almost countless and complex test runs are required for this, and with that the technical requirements as well as expenditure of time, personnel and financial expenses are therefore growing enormously.

In consequence, automotive manufacturers are required to adapt their measurement methods in mobile on-road testing to the new requirements.

For example, the standards JT/T 719-2016 and JT/T 711-2016 defines complex and detailed general conditions for on-road fuel consumption testing of passenger cars as well as commercial vehicles.

This includes precise test driving conditions during the preparation phase before starting the test itself or the continuous maintenance of predefined test parameters during each individual test run. Finally driven test results need verification against specified reference values to confirm compliance with the officially defined test conditions.

With these extensive requirements, test engineers and test drivers need more efficient support in their daily workflow through dynamic data acquisition, intelligent signal processing and flexible data management.

Exactly the same applies to the analysis of the measurement data generated by the large number of measurements to be carried out and for complex, customer-specific as well as standards-appropriate final reports.

microTAARE F1 stands for a multifunctional testing framework that represents complex testing scenarios in an almost automated, interactive test work flow.

The new turn-key system solution is based on a robust and compact hardware. As a scalable system, it is designed primarily for the most demanding tasks in automotive on-road testing as well as at the test stand. And at the same time can also be used for typical standard measurements.

Precise Fuel Consumption Measurement in Combination with flowtronic Systems

The combination of microTAARE F1 in conjunction with flowtronic fuel consumption measuring systems offers a flexible and exactly matching complete solution for the fulfillment of the standard fuel consumption measurement according to national standards such as the JT/T 719-2016 or JT/T 711-2016.

Powerful Data Acquisition and
Signal Conditioning

Maximum flexibility in data acquisition in combination with powerful signal processing offers the wide range of available interfaces (CAN 2.0A, analogue, TTL, signals or voltage strokes for triggering, Ethernet, USB etc.) already included in the standard version of the microTAARE F1 system.

Workflow Management and Data Analysis designed for Test Cycles with Multiple Measurements

The test driver benefits from a predefined test work flow that provides optimal support through visual user guidance. Online data analysis monitors the measurement parameters not only before the start, but also during and after a measurement. In addition, measurement sequences can be controlled.

Analysis and Reporting in technically optimized Documentation (also according to standards)

The extensive volume of test data is evaluated for analysis and reporting by largely automated software modules. This merges the large number of individual test data into a detailed and summarizing report. Report are provided either with customized design or layouts confirming to standards.


microTAARE F1 in combination with flowtronic systems provides a turn-key solution for fuel consumption measurement according to national and international standards.


Maximum flexibility through sensor inputs from analog to CAN 2.0A as well as real-time signal processing. Robust design and extra bright 7" touchscreen display optimized for automotive testing.


Analysis software module with online monitoring for direct display of important parameters. Monitoring and analysis of measurement data before, during and immediately after a single test run.


Extensively automated data analysis and complete, documentation according to standards on the basis of relevant information from the data pool out of all individual measurements.


Multifunctional turn-key solution that reproduces complex testing scenarios in an almost automatically running, interactive and software-supported test work flow.

Performance-optimized hardware design for maximum flexibility of all sensor inputs from analog to CAN 2.0A. The sensor inputs are equipped with galvanic isolation, both TTL and analogue inputs include (limited) sensor power supply. Robust and compact design optimized for automotive testing with milled aluminum housing combined with extra bright 7 inch / 17.78 cm touch screen color display.

This also includes real-time signal processing (1 µs resolution), intelligent test data management, multifunctional data evaluation and customer-specific and also standard-compliant documentation. The Ethernet connection provides seamless integration into external data acquisition systems or customer's IT architecture in general or even data transmission via internet.

The test engineer is thereby equipped with an intelligent tool kit that can be used to define not only individual measurements but also complete test sequences. Within the individual test methods, for example frame parameters, trigger conditions or a real-time monitoring of measured data are definable.

In almost the same manner the comparison of target and actual measured values, multiple test runs for statistical evaluations or the consideration of opposite directions of travel, can be parametrically parametrized. Even the most complex sequences with different measurements can be integrated into the test work flow.

During driving operation, the test driver benefits from a largely predefined test work flow which provides maximum support through an optimized, interactive visual user guidance. His full concentration can remain focused on the driving and measuring operation since a possible deflection by handwritten documentation of measured data or a manual comparison of measurement results against predetermined set values is avoided.

At the same time, the system provides pre-defined flexibility, for example with regard to the sequence itself and the chronological order of measurements to be taken, as well as the optional erasure of possibly incorrect measurements. And in conjunction with the interactive support in national language during all test runs, an additional employee within in the vehicle is not necessarily required for monitoring, coordination and documentation anymore.

The final data analysis is integrated into the entire process. It combines the most diverse information and measurement data from the entire test work flow for final analysis and documentation. Already within the vehicle compact reports can be printed. The user's PC is intended to print complete and detailed reports in the customer's own layout.

This functionality enables test engineers to generate complex reports in accordance with current requirements and / or the requirements of national / international standards within minutes. Consequently this feature supersedes previous manual, manpower and time-consuming test data evaluation and analysis.

Our company GREGORY Technology GmbH, managed by its founder and owner, has not only more than 25 years know-how of high-tech product development but also the necessary experience and expertise within automotive measurement technology.

Products and services are primarily focused on mobile automotive testing. Herein mobile fuel consumption measurement is one of the core areas. We supply the worldwide automotive industry and their sub-contractors and service providers with innovative and cutting edge technology. Over and above, we are OEM partner and manufacturer for a global player in the field of highly specialized measurement equipment.

"As early as the company's founding in 1996, the ultimate goal was to provide our customers and users with complete turn-key system solutions by supplying professional and robust high-tech measurement tools for their daily testing operation."

Andreas Gregory - Founder of GREGORY Technology

With microTAARE F1 and the flowtronic fuel consumption test systems
GREGORY Technology offers presumably the first all-in-one system solution for complex fuel consumption measurement according to national regulations like JT/T 719-2016 and JT/T 711-2016.


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